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I think I'm getting a bit too excited for Easter, but if you're already fed up of eggs and want a chocolate which is a bit more elegant take a look at these badboys. Most of these truffles were made as Christmas presents but can be edited for the season, you could even make some small ones and put inside chocolate-cereal nests as an alternative for mini eggs.

They are really easy to make.
(This is a simple recipe from my friend Rosie)

- 400g chocolate
-  150ml double cream

* Gently heat the cream until it just summers, then remove from the heat.
* Stir in chocolate until it melts (you may need to put it back on the heat again briefly)
*  Add flavoring (see ideas below)
*  Put into a sealed tupperware pot and refrigerate for at least 1 ½ hours. (If using alcohol this can be overnight)

* When mixture is set scoop out small balls of chocolate with a teaspoon or melon-baler and roll with hands. (Be quick or it will melt, especially if you have hot hands!)
* Roll in topping and place in truffle case (from the baking section at most supermarkets) and refrigerate/ enjoy.

 * Makes about 24 truffles, but I like to split each chocolate mix into three smaller tupperware pots and add the flavor then giving me 3 different truffle types with each batch!

 Ideas for flavorings (1tbs of mixed in vigorously)
- Baileys
- Cointreau (or Orange Essence)
- Amaretto
- Crystallized Ginger
- Vanilla Essence
- Rum
-  Fizz-Whiz popping candy
-  Chilli Oil

Ideas for toppings
- Crushed nuts
- Dessicated cocoanut
- Sugar - caster/ confectioner's
- Cocoa Powder/ Hot chocolate powder
- Cake decorating sprinkles (works nicely with white chocolate)
- Broken up Crunchie bar

I've tried some with raspberry centers which worked well but have always struggled with doing any with chocolate coating (pop the truffles in the freezer before dipping them in cooled melted chocolate)

They are really good to give as gifts- you can make boxes and even menu cards. These were part of a Christmas present for my Grandad- Dark chocolate and crystallized ginger.  More have been requested!

This was a menu card I made for a group of friends this Christmas.

Truffles that always go down well ...
- Dark Chocolate and Chilli (Look really good if you mix confectioner's sugar and red food coloring into a thick but drizzle-able paste and swirl it over the top. Works well with chocolate orange too!)

- Dark Chocolate and Cointreau  could mix in small pieces of crystallized orange or decorate with them.

- White Chocolate and Amaretto (with white cake sprinkle)

- White Chocolate with Raspberry Liqueur

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