Friday, 30 March 2012

Birthday Meal

OK I'm done talking about my birthday (ish) but I had a lovely meal on the night itself!

Started off with some fizzy before moving on to some Lemony Margarita's which were salty and tangy.

From there we kept it simple with Gary's treacle duck breasts with creamy date parsnips.
The duck is simply seasoned and cooked fat-side down on a roasting tray on top of the stove, left to rest, then basted in a treacle sauce and sizzled under the grill, served medium-rare.
Gary's accompaniment of creamy date parsnips was simultaneously unusual and divine with the lovely vegetables boiled in milk then blended with dates into a puree.

We had the whole thing accompanied by mom's quick dauphinoise and some crunchy purple sprouting broccoli.

 And finally some birthday cake!


And my present, an absolutely gorgeous Edwardian necklace from the boy. So happy.

Here's to 23 and my to-cook list!

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