Friday, 27 April 2012

Back to Cam : Week 1

So it's exam term, and whilst the work hasn't quite kicked in yet here's a few snaps from Week 1...

 Aubergine and Magno Noodle Salad, with crispy red onions, 
chilli and soy dressing and piles or coriander.

Crispy Duck (way nicer than it looks!)

 Compulsory start of term cake time: Double Chocolate Cake, with raspberry filling and chocolate fudge frosting. Absolutely no calories when eaten with friends.

Fajita time!

This counts as fruit right? ...

How do you like your eggs in the morning? 

And so the work begins. More soon.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Castle Cake

I found a really exciting silicone castle cake mold so had to give it a go. It was basically a disaster (perhaps the cake wasn't firm enough) and had to be remoulded and 'cemented' with frosting. Fun to give it a go though!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Baby in a Box

Cousins (aged 3 and 2) came round for a birthday present opening session. All they were interested in was that huge cardboard box.

Easy Cheesy Bake

Really easy and quick pasta bake, chucking in whatever vegetables are lying around!

- Boil off pasta (used wholegrain and normal mixed)
- Cook of vegetables (roasted tomatoes, dry-fried peppers, broccoli & peas are chucked into pasta 2mins before it is done, grilled some mushrooms, steamed asparagus)
- Mixed up cheese sauce mix (I know TERRIBLE)
- Cooked off chicken with red onions, garlic, dash of lemon, sprinkle of paprika, wholegrain mustard, and my fave 'Goes with Everything' salt & herb mix.
- Chuck all into a dish, sprinkle on breadcrumbs and a few dollops of Philadelphia, oven for 15 mins.
- Glass of wine & done.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Cocktails at Mine

 Photos from the night itself....
 Fritters for the veggies: Haloumi, Pea & Courgette

 Rocky Road. Don't think it lasted beyond 3.
 When life gives you lemons...make cocktails
 Canape selection: Makerel Pate & Chive Crostini, Broad Bean & Tomatoe Bruscetta, Red Pepper Hummous on Sourdough Bread.
 Some lemony Margaritas.
 Time for a Mai Tai
 Smoked Salmon Blini with Fennel & Caviar

 Make your own cocktail!
 Babyleaf, Spinach & Herb salad with Pomegranate and Parmesan
 The Botham Burgers
 Potato Wedges- Chilli or Herb & Salt
 Creamy Mayo-Honey-Mustard dip - a must have for the wedges!

 Bad photo, but sausages roasted in mango chutney and whole grain mustard.
Nick's own concoction. Last bit I really remember!

Cocktails at Mine (Prep)

Over the weekend I had a few friends over for a relaxed cocktails and food session. Since I was cooking for 20+ and was not planning in being in a fit state to cook at 7 after a 2pm start I planned everything in advance.

The plan was to do lots of little canapes throughout the day to balance people's alcohol levels and then just hearty burgers with tomatoes and chutney, a simple salad, and wedges in the evening. Then lemon tart, white chocolate and berry tart and a chocolate cake for dessert.

The burgers follow Jamie Oliver's recipe for Botham Burgers, but added more seeds and spices than it recommends, and the recipe makes way more than he suggests.

Simply formed into patties and kept in the fridge ready for the BBQ!