Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Easy Cheesy Bake

Really easy and quick pasta bake, chucking in whatever vegetables are lying around!

- Boil off pasta (used wholegrain and normal mixed)
- Cook of vegetables (roasted tomatoes, dry-fried peppers, broccoli & peas are chucked into pasta 2mins before it is done, grilled some mushrooms, steamed asparagus)
- Mixed up cheese sauce mix (I know TERRIBLE)
- Cooked off chicken with red onions, garlic, dash of lemon, sprinkle of paprika, wholegrain mustard, and my fave 'Goes with Everything' salt & herb mix.
- Chuck all into a dish, sprinkle on breadcrumbs and a few dollops of Philadelphia, oven for 15 mins.
- Glass of wine & done.

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