Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Presents: Rocky Road & Easter Biscuits

Just before Easter I went to visit the boy's family in Herefordshire for a few days and decided to bake something to take as a present. Little did I know that they'd all given up chocolate for Lent (and how could I forget that veggies and marshmallows don't mix!) so with good intentions, but perhaps not quite the desired impact I made some Easter biscuits and my auntie's lovely Rocky Road.

Easter Biscuits 

(from the BBC Website)

Really simple, where the flour and butter are mixed to breadcrumbs (make sure the butter is properly softened)

The sugar, lemon zest and yolk is added. Mix until a batter is formed and creates a ball. Roll out onto a floured surface and cut out desired shapes.

Biscuits placed on a greased tray (spot the leggy egg) and baked for 12-15mins (less than the recipe states)

For the topping I melted some white chocolate, stirred in some icing sugar and the lemon juice until it was the right texture to swirl onto the cooled biscuits.

And some Easter sheep to accompany them. The biscuits were nice and crunchy, next time I'd make them a bit thicker. The icing was a bit too tart, I'd maybe just use white chocolate, or reduce the lemon juice significantly.

Rocky Road

This is literally the best recipe I have found for Rocky Road. It is very editable (cherries are more prominent at Christmas, ginger biscuits for a tea-party and white chocolate chunks for a birthday).

 For the chocolate mix
400g chocolate
125g butter
3tbsp golden syrup

Add in
Rich tea biscuits (½ packet ish, less if you are using other biscuits, but use more than you think!)

Add a selection of...
Glace Cherries
Choc-chip cookies
Ginger nut biscuits
Chopped nuts
Malteasers/ Crunchie
Dried fruit
Chunks of white chocolate
(Optional white chocolate to swirl on top)
Icing sugar to serve

 1. Prepare a lined tin- a brownie tin works best- anything bigger than an inch. I find lining it with greaseproof paper works the best.
2. Melt 300g of the chocolate with the golden syrup and butter until all melted.
3. Prepare the filling: Using a rolling pin bash up the biscuits, chop up the marshmallows and the cherries and the chocolate, and any other ingredients you want to add in.
Add all the filling to the melted chocolate mix and stir well. You need quite a lot of biscuit but it shouldn’t ball up.

4. Pour into lined tins and refrigerate for 1 ½ hours, or overnight.

5.  Melt the other 100g of chocolate and pour over refrigerated mixture. (When it has set swirl over the white chocolate).


When set, cut up and and sprinkle with icing sugar. Enjoy!

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