Monday, 16 April 2012

Slobby Food

Sometimes you just want something comforting to munch in front of the fire (or an episode of Homeland) and after all that Easter chocolate something sweet just doesn't cut it. My saviors at the moment:

1. Cold beef sandwich, sticky red onion chutney, crisp salad and a slither of mayo. Always on white toasted bread. Heaven. 

2. Chilli Prawn Pasta (with fresh peas which pop in your mouth, tangy lemon and perfumed coriander)

So so easy . .
Pan 1: Boil pasta, 5 mins before it is done add peas.
Pan 2: Fry off finely chopped garlic and chilli, add a squeeze of lemon and seasoning.  When cooked add cherry tomatoes chopped in half. 5 mins before the pasta is done add prawns and more lemon.
Serve and top with coriander

Its so fresh and clean, the tomatoes and peas burst in your mouth, and although it's pasta you don't feel horrid afterwards!

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