Friday, 23 March 2012

Cheesy Cake

I love making cakes for friend's birthdays. Sometimes attempts are disastrous, especially with a temperamental student oven, but when my rodent-loving friend's birthday came up the challenge was set. I can't stand rats. Mice I can just about deal with. So after a good Google and sniggering to myself about cheesecake and Cheese cake I came up with this.

The cake itself is an edited version of the Humming Bird bakery's Amaretto cupcakes, with quantities increased, some extra orange extract, some ground almonds and more Amaretto.

Very excited to use my new cake slicer, I cut each cake from the sandwich tin in half giving me 4 layers between which I smeared raspberry jam and my own Amaretto + White Chocolate frosting.

After leaving the cake to rest then smearing the frosting over the outside I covered it in royal icing (into which I had kneaded yellow food coloring) and any circular objects I could find to make the cheese look a bit more realistic.

Next the mice- pink and blue modelling icing from Lakeland, strawberry laces for tails, writing icing for decoration, eyes and whiskers. With a little help from guests going to the party who wanted to have a go at 'making a mouse' we gave each mouse a personality. Baby with parents, drunken mouse, and teacher mouse went down a treat!

My main issue was leaky-mouse eyes but after the initial sugar hit of the first bite and a few drinks later no one cared! (Mini champagne bottle candles from Sainsbury's) Happy Birthday Becky!

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