Sunday, 25 March 2012

Easter Chicken

Home for the holidays I thought I'd try my hand at Jamie's amazing roast chicken and a bit load of very much needed roast veg.

The recipe is really simple to follow and you do your roast potatoes alongside it. The idea is that you par-boil them with the whole lemon and the garlic bulbs and then the piping hot lemon is stabbed a few times and inserted into the chicken cavity with the garlic and thyme creating a really zingy taste. You then cook the potatoes in its juices and they are all crispy and fluffy and delicious.

I also used my new favorite Herb and Salt mix smeared on the chicken and it made the skin beautifully crispy.
Beautiful on a Chicken + Bacon club sandwich the next day (forgot to take a photo...)

Par boiled potatoes sit to rest with rosemary whilst the chicken cooks.

 Lots of veg, much needed!

Chicken breast turned out really crispy and herby and I could definitely taste the lemon!

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