Saturday, 5 May 2012

Week 2

Not much this week!
Prawn and Beef Thai Curry with green chilli, new potatoes and crunchy sugar snap peas

 Anna's Birthday Cake. Made in just under an hour! Out of cocoa so used hot chocolate powder and the frosting was leftover Easter eggs & melted creme egg. Happy Birthday Anna!
 Parmesan and Pancetta risotto with red onion and tomatoes in the making. I just love basil at the moment!
 One of the many cocktails of this week from the Las Iguanas in Cambridge 2 for 1 all day Sunday to Wednesday and in 'happy hours' 12:30-7:30. Absolutely delightful exam term savior!

 The ultimate summer cold savior. Lots of chilli. Lots of tomatoes. In a steaming bowl of pasta.

Now have a new phone so hopefully more photos next week!!

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