Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Caesarian Monday

Sunday was fun.

 Some would say too much fun. Monday wasn't. What's a girl to do when lying in bed makes you seasick? Apparently hangovers require potassium, so after popping a few paracetamol and gulping down some more water a banana seemed like a good option. Apparently not, mine were over ripe. Not good.

But when life gives you over-ripe bananas (and you've run out of butter), make  Chocolate Banana Muffins. I love Nigella.

It's so easy when hungover. Everything in a bowl and zazz.

 Who cares about sifting flour when there's lumpy bananas in there too. Added some ground almonds and a bit of milk too. 

Bang them in the oven for 15mins, have a shower and sort your life out. Eat them hot. 

This literally made my day. I'm not gonna say its better than a fry up for a hangover. It just isn't. But when it hits 4pm, you're on a sugar low and you need something quick, and appetizing, these muffins are your fellas. Oh yeah, and the potassium. 

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