Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ottolenghi Sessions

After a decidedly awful supervision, with my supervisor actually crying with laughter at my attempt to translate Tibullus, and loosing 12-3 at Football to some 'delightful' French men it was some fizzy and Ottolenghi to the rescue.

Another recipe from Plenty - Aubergine & Saffron Yoghurt Salad with Pomegranate.  This is literally gorgeous, and really healthy! It's meant to be sprinkled with pine nuts and basil leaves too, but Co-Op weren't living up to their name.

 I love Pomegranate seeds - they went in the fizzy too. There's a classical myth that Persephone, trapped in the underworld by Hades (won't go into detail why) ate 4 pomegranate seeds. Now anyone who eats in the underworld must remain there, but Persephone was a lucky girl and rescued by Hermes, and only had to spend 4 months of every year there to atone for the 4 seeds she has eaten. 4 months in hell? Sounds like Cambridge exam term, so even if we are in Hades, for March - June, I'm gonna eat as many pomegranates as I can!

 Addition of my favorite fritters- Ham, Haloumi and Mint, and some chicken thighs, marinated in an Indian spice rub and grilled.
And some fresh, gooey mango to finish.
And then off to see Laurie Lewis and the Fat Cats at Fitz Sessions with all the lovely Fitzbillies. Wonderful. 

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