Wednesday, 9 May 2012

And something restorative for the day after being hungover day...

Topped up on potassium, sleep and fluids, after the Day of Hangover (DOH) -when fried goods and cake is on the cards- something a with a few more minerals is required.

This sticky rice dish is full of fresh flavours, the sweetness of the peppers, the kick of the chorizo, and the meatiness of the prawns. 

Again, it's a no effort, throw it all in approach, all in onepot. Lots of vegetables:
- Tomatoes: A couple of extras thrown in with the required tin (with lovely Vitamin C, Vit A and antioxidants)
- Courgettes: not on the recipe, but an added bonus! (Potassium, Vit A, Manganese )
- Peppers: I used 3 red ones (9 x  more Carotine don't ya know! and 3 x the Vit C of your average orange) 
- and I threw in a load of red chilli (All the good'uns: Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Vit A, B & C) and a good dose of humble garlic (lowers cholesterol, keeps colds away and is an aphrodisiac!)

Fry them off, chuck in the water, rice and the tinned tomatoes 
(Also added tarragon and a good lot of Paprika) Cover and leave.

Literally just chill out for 12-15mins. Chuck in the prawns. Give it a stir. 
Tear up some herbs and chuck them in.

All the lovely liquid cooks into the rice, and what you end up with is a sticky risotto-like mix. Wonderful.

I had it with some naan bread, but it doesn't really need it. In fact it doesn't really need the prawns- you could get rid of them and the chorizo and just use aubergine. Or just double the chorizo. I'd defiantly add the extra chilli/ paprika though.

Hangover: Cured. (And there's some left over for lunch)

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